Advanced Setup

MAX has several features that give you greater control over your monetization. You can access these features from the Ad Units page. This page explains these features.

Waterfall Segmentation and Cloning

Waterfall Segmentation and Advanced Targeting enable you to tailor the ad experience to certain user segments or devices by creating custom waterfalls. Use these features to set up specific pricing for users that have Limit Ad Tracking enabled or to target unique user audiences with keyword targeting.

Review some common use cases for waterfall segmentation at the AppLovin Mobile Apps Blog: “Using Waterfall Segmentation to Optimize User Targeting”

Waterfall Cloning allows you to copy existing waterfalls to save time during the waterfall creation process.

To learn more about the waterfall segmentation and cloning features, read the Waterfall Segmentation documentation.

Direct Sold

Use the direct sold feature to run campaigns from direct advertisers, and to prioritize them in the waterfall above network partners if you desire. You can also use this feature to run house or promotional campaigns. Learn more in the Direct Sold documentation.

A/B Testing

AB Tests allows you to use real-time data to test, and to measure the impact of, any change that you make to your waterfall configuration. You can experiment with different ad monetization strategies (for example: add or remove a new network or price points to measure the performance impact) and can identify opportunities that will maximize users’ lifetime value (LTV). To learn how to set up A/B tests, read the A/B Test documentation.