Auto-CPM automates CPM updating for non-bidding networks. This aligns the CPM price for a network placement ID in the MAX Dashboard with the network-reported CPM.

The CPM price updates daily according to the average network CPM for the last seven days. Auto-CPM supports ad unit/network placement/country granularity. The network ID must have at least 1,000 impressions in the last seven days to enable CPM updating within MAX.

MAX applies heavier weighting to more recent data in its seven day look-back. This may cause adjusted CPM to not exactly match the average CPM.

Networks whose reporting does not break down to ad unit/network ID/country granularity are not eligible for auto-CPM. Custom networks are also not eligible for auto-CPM.

Auto-CPM allows for fair competition between all networks in the unified auction because it uses accurate pricing. This also reduces the work of manually updating CPMs which can lead to inaccurate or decreased revenue.

If you do not enable auto-CPM, MAX uses the value for CPM price that you enter manually.

Activating Auto-CPM

To activate auto-CPM, follow these steps:

  1. Manually add the network price floor for each network placement ID in the waterfall(s) on the Ad Unit page. It’s important that the MAX CPM price initially matches the network CPM floor or historical CPM to avoid data discrepancies later.
  2. Open the Networks page (MAX > Mediation > Manage > Networks) and connect the network that you want to mediate by entering the network API credentials.
  3. Click the Connect button for the network that you want to activate. The Manage Network page appears. For non-bidding networks, you will see a toggle with which you can turn on auto-CPM. Bidding networks submit real-time bid pricing and so they do not utilize auto-CPM.
Manage Networks > AdMob. Manage Network. AdMob by Google. Auto-CPM toggle. Network Credentials: You have successfully connected this account. To reconnect it with new credentials click here. Save button. Cancel button.

Any network placement IDs that are governed by auto-CPM will show the CPM price grayed-out in the waterfall. Click the info button within the CPM price field for options either to override auto-CPM by manually entering the CPM or to see a detailed breakdown of the CPM values used.

Ad Unit 1: $7, Include All. Ad Unit 2: $2, Exclude 5. + Add New Ad Unit button.

To ensure that auto-CPM works with accurate data, use the Network Comparison Report to check for CPM and revenue discrepancies on a weekly basis. If there are discrepancies greater than 5%, use the report to identify the affected network IDs, then contact your account team or submit a support ticket for assistance with troubleshooting.