Within your account, you can add new users with a variety of access options across MAX and AppDiscovery. You can also perform general account administration.

You can give users full access to your account or limit their access to reporting, ad management, and payment information for all your apps or a select few.

To get started, open Account > Manage > Users in your AppLovin dashboard. Then click Add New Users. Add the user’s name, email address, password, and access permissions. The new user can go back into the UI and update their password if desired.

Create User. Name input field. Email input field. Password input field. Repeat Password input field. Permissions: AppDiscovery, MAX.

When you add a user, be aware that you can associate an email address with only a single account. You cannot add an account using an email address that was previously used to sign up or that was added as a user in any account.