How to Use the CSV Bid Manager

The CSV Bid Manager allows you to export and adjust current bids by source in a geo by means of a CSV file rather than doing so in the UI. This tool helps you update bids for several apps at once. If you only have a handful of edits, please change them directly in the UI (you must be filtered by country first).

To get started:

  1. Click CSV Bid Manager.
  2. Export your current bids by clicking Export Current Bids.
  3. In the far right columns you will see Flat Bid Override and Percent Bid Override. Edit these two columns as needed. See best practices below.
  4. When you finish editing, save the file as a CSV and upload it.
  5. You can review your changes before applying them. If the changes look good, click Apply Bid Updates.

Bid Override Best Practices

  Flat Bid Override Percentage Bid Override
Formatting Format flat bid overrides as: $5.00, $5, or 5

Format percent bid decreases as: -20% or -20

Format percent bid increases as: 20% or 20 (i.e. use rounds, not decimals)

Considerations Bids for each app are separated by country (listed in CSV column B)

Bid exactly what you want.

Bid is Static.

Bid interacts with existing optimizations / default bid changes.

Bid is Dynamic.


When source quality changes, bid does not change. Flat Bid overrides can require manual monitoring.

When source quality changes, bid does change. Percent Bid overrides can mean costs are variable.

CSV Bid Manager Common Errors

Error Notification Resolution
“Flat Bid and Percentage Bid cannot be used simultaneously.” Only use one form of bid override in the CSV file (flat or percentage but not both).
“Invalid values have been set for the percentage bid.” Ensure your inputs are percentage bid overrides not flat bid overrides (e.g. 20% not 0.20).
“Invalid values have been set for the flat bid.” Ensure your inputs are flat bid overrides not percentage bid overrides (e.g. 5 not 5%).