Suppression API

Version 1.0 / March 2015

Call the Suppression API to prevent existing app users from being targeted by campaigns for that app. Do suppression by using Apple’s IDFA or Android’s advertising ID. You use this API by making an HTTP request to the following URL:


The Suppression API requires that you add an API key as a query parameter (api_key) in the request:

You can find this Management Key in the Keys tab of your account page. If the Management Key is not visible there, please open a ticket here and request one be generated for you.


This API indicates errors by returning HTTP status codes:

HTTP Response Code Description
200 Success
400 Request was not formatted properly, was missing data or had invalid data.
403 Authentication failed. Check the validity of the API Key.
500 Service Unavailable.

Upload Request

To upload a list of users to suppress, make an HTTP POST request to:

Query Parameters:

Name Type Description Required
package_name String the bundle ID or package name of the app yes

Post Body:

The upload API accepts a newline-separated list of IDs in a POST request:

Type Description Required
List of Strings a newline-separated list of Apple’s IDFA or Android’s advertising ID; the IDs must be in UUID format yes

If the API request fails because the list of IDs is too large, AppLovin suggests that you break the list of IDs into smaller batches and submit them incrementally.


The response is JSON-formatted:

Name Type Description
num_valid_ids Integer number of IDs successfully processed in this request
num_invalid_ids Integer number of invalid advertising IDs in this request

Example Request:

curl -X POST --data-binary @userIds.txt ""

Where the contents of the file userIds.txt is:


Example Response:

{ "num_valid_ids" : 2, "num_invalid_ids" : 0 }