User Journey

This is an invite-only feature. Please contact your account team or support team to enable it in your account.

User Journey allows you to query a specific user’s impressions within the MAX UI so that you can review the ad flow that was served to that user. You can use this tool to track down ad-related issues linked to a user complaint or a support ticket and thereby improve the user experience.

To use User Journey, you need to set your proprietary user ID in MAX. Both the app and user need to be on a supported SDK. See the prerequisites below for more information.

After you input the user ID into the User Journey tool, you can view a timeline of impressions that contains all ad creative served to that user ID over the past 30 days. You can view this timeline in the UI or you can download a CSV file. You can also escalate problematic creatives directly to certain networks from the User Journey Timeline. See this table of supported networks and formats.

Learn more about the prerequisites, how to view User Journey reports, how to create new User Journeys, and how to inspect User Journey timelines in the sections below:


AppLovin SDK Version
The minimum AppLovin SDK version is 11.3.3. This ensures you have full network coverage.
Ad Review Enablement
You must enable Ad Review in the SDK by following the instructions at Integration: Enable Ad Review.
User ID
User Journey reports are based on the User ID that you set in MAX. You must set the internal User ID in code, as described in “Setting an Internal User ID. Note that the user ID is neither the user’s IDFA nor the device ID; it is your own proprietary user identifier.

User Journey Reports

You can access User Journey reports in the MAX dashboard by selecting Ad Review > Analyze > User Journey.

In the main User Journey Reports page, you can see all User Journey reports from the last 30 days that are completed or currently running. You can choose either to download the report as a CSV file or to view the User Journey Timeline in the MAX dashboard.

User Journey Reports

Create New Report

To generate a new User Journey, click + Create New Report at the top right corner of the User Journey Reports page. Enter a User ID and a timeframe to see the user’s impressions. The time frame of the report is limited to a maximum of 24 hours and must be within the last 30 days. Give your reports a meaningful name, so you can easily associate each report to its corresponding user complaint or support ticket.

Create New Report. Fill in the user id, the app, and the time range. The time range is limited to 24 hours per report but it’s recommended to narrow down the hours as much as you can to get more precise results. All events are stored in UTC.

User Journey Timeline

User Journey Timeline is a visual representation of a user’s ad flow. It shows reverse chronological details of the user’s ad impressions, including network, creative end card, video, playable, and other significant details. Once you identify the problematic creative you can view its full details by clicking the next to the network name and then clicking See Creative Details. Then you can report the creative to the network by clicking the paper airplane icon or you can set Risky Content rules to catch these types of creative in the future within Ad Review.

User Journey