Ad Review Frequently Asked Questions

For iOS builds, do I need to run the AppLovinQualityService script every time I build?
You only need to run the script once. It establishes Ad Review in your build. All subsequent builds will include the integration.
For iOS builds, every time the AppLovinQualityService script executes, the AppLovinQualityService SDK seems to update. Is the SDK supposed to not be managed by a VCS?
Correct—it’s not managed by git. This is why you should run the script on initial project setup every time you clone/pull your project to a new machine.
Should I commit the AppLovinQualityService setup script (typically called AppLovinQualityServiceSetup-ios.rb) to my VCS?
Yes, you should commit it. This way, if you clone/pull your project to a new machine you can use the script to re-setup your project.
I noticed that the AppLovinQualityService setup script sometimes updates and I need to recommit it to my VCS. Is that normal?
Yes it’s normal. The script updates itself when new versions of the AppLovinQualityService are released. You should re-commit it in those cases.
How do I uninstall Ad Review?
  • Remove the lines that you added to build.gradle during the Enable Ad Review step.
  • Re-execute the ruby script that you excecuted to enable the Ad Review service during the Enable Ad Review step, with the additional parameter uninstall:
    ruby AppLovinQualityServiceSetup-ios.rb uninstall
  • Uncheck the Enable Ad Review checkbox in the Integration Manager. The next time you export a clean project, it will not have Ad Review integration.
For iOS builds, I integrate the MAX adapters using a dedicated framework target. Why do I not receive data for my app?
For these specific integrations, you need to redo the integration and specify the framework name like this:
ruby AppLovinQualityServiceSetup.rb install -localframeworks framework name without extension
So if your dedicated framework target is FooBar.framework, you run the command as follows:
ruby AppLovinQualityServiceSetup.rb install -localframeworks FooBar
Does Ad Review support FireOS?
Yes, but the click destination does not populate in the dashboard because only the Google Play Store is supported.
Does AppLovinQualityServiceGradlePlugin support configuration cache?
No. If you want to use configuration cache on debug builds, disable the plugin for debug builds (see the next question for how to do that).
Ad Review adds time to my build. Can I disable Ad Review on my debug builds?
  • To disable Ad Review on Android builds, add a disableIf line to your applovin closure like this:
    apply plugin: 'applovin-quality-service'
    applovin {
      apiKey your API key
      disableIf buildType: 'debug'

    You can find your API key in the Account > General > Keys section of the AppLovin dashboard.

  • To disable Ad Review on iOS builds:
    1. Click Build Phases at the top of the Xcode project editor.
    2. Locate the build phase named “AppLovinQualityService Build”. Double-click that build phase name to open the build phase editor.
    3. Add the flag -disableconfigs and set its value to a comma-separated list of build configurations on which you want to disable Ad Review from running. For example:
      AppLovinQualityService/ -disabledconfigs Debug "AppLovinQualityServiceSetup-ios.rb"