ALX Reporting

ALX Reporting (MAX > Mediation > Analyze > ALX Reporting) provides insights that help you to understand your monetization performance within AppLovin Exchange. You can run hourly, daily, or weekly reports to analyze trends and deep-dive into your app’s performance. Schedule important reports to have them delivered via email on a regular basis.

AppLovin Exchange Reporting. Save/Schedule Report button. Run Report button. Checkboxes: Day, Hour, DSP, Application, Ad  Unit Name, Waterfall, Ad Unit Test, Ad Placement, Platform, Country, Ad Type, Has IDFA.


Bid Requests*
how many bid requests were sent to ALX
Bid Responses*
how many bid requests resulted in at least a single bid response
No Bids*
how many times the bid request resulted in no bid responses
Bid Rate*
Bid Responses ÷ Bid Requests
an impression is when a user on a device sees an advertisement
Clear Rate*
Impressions ÷ Bid Responses
Display Rate
Impressions ÷ Wins
Est Revenue
estimated revenue generated from the AppLovin Exchange
price per 1,000 impressions

* indicates that the metric is only supported at the Exchange level and is not shown if DSP is selected.


  • Day
  • Hour
  • DSP
  • Application (Package Name/iTunes ID is also included)
  • Ad Unit Name
  • Waterfall
  • Ad Unit Test
  • Ad Placement
  • Platform
  • Country
  • Ad Type
  • Has IDFA