Banner & MREC Ads

The following sections show you how to load and then show and hide a banner or MREC ad.

Loading a Banner or MREC

To load a banner or MREC, call createBanner() or createMRec(), passing that method your Ad Unit ID and desired ad view position:

  • var adUnitId:String = "ad_unit_ID";
    public function initializeAd():void
      AppLovinMAX.createBanner(adUnitId, AdViewPosition.BOTTOM_CENTER);
      // In the case of banner ads, also set the background or background color.
      // The background color is of type uint representing the hex color code of the required color.
      // For example, to set a white background, set the background color to 0xFFFFFF.
      AppLovinMAX.setBannerBackgroundColor(adUnitId, background_color);
  • var adUnitId:String = "ad_unit_ID";
    public function initializeAd():void
      AppLovinMAX.createMRec(adUnitId, AdViewPosition.CENTERED);

The complete list of position options are:


Banners are automatically sized to 320×50 on phones or 728×90 on tablets. MRECs are sized to 300×250 on both phones and tablets. You can call the utility method AppLovinMAX.isTablet() to help with view sizing adjustments.

Showing and Hiding a Banner or MREC

To show a banner or MREC, call showBanner() or showMRec():

  • AppLovinMAX.showBanner(adUnitId);
  • AppLovinMAX.showMRec(adUnitId);

To hide a banner or MREC, call hideBanner() or hideMRec():

  • AppLovinMAX.hideBanner(adUnitId);
  • AppLovinMAX.hideMRec(adUnitId);