Loading an MREC

To load an MREC, call CreateMRec(), passing in your Ad Unit ID and desired adview position:

  • Ad Unit Identifier. Create MRec: Ad Unit Identifier, MRec Position (Centered).
  • const FString MRecAdUnitId = TEXT("ad_unit_ID");
    void InitializeMRecAds()
        // MRECs are sized to 300x250 on phones and tablets
        // You may use the utility method 'UAppLovinMAX::IsTablet()' to help with view sizing adjustments
        UAppLovinMAX::CreateMRec(MRecAdUnitId, EAdViewPosition::Centered);

The above example creates an MREC centered on the display (Centered). The complete list of position options are:

  • TopLeft
  • TopCenter
  • TopRight
  • Centered
  • CenterLeft
  • CenterRight
  • BottomLeft
  • BottomCenter
  • BottomRight

Showing an MREC

To show an MREC ad, call ShowMRec():

  • Ad Unit Identifier. Show MRec: Ad Unit Identifier.
  • UAppLovinMAX::ShowMRec(MRecAdUnitId);

Hiding an MREC

To hide an MREC ad, call HideMRec():

  • Ad Unit Identifier. Hide MRec: Ad Unit Identifier.
  • UAppLovinMAX::HideMRec(MRecAdUnitId);