Stop unwanted or inappropriate ads

If unwanted ads are showing up in your app, you can adjust your settings to filter them out by using the Ad Filtering features in AppDiscovery. Note that this only works for ads from the AppLovin network. For other ad networks in your MAX mediation, you have to contact the ad network directly.

For ads that are too mature or provocative for your app audience

Go to AppDiscovery > Manage > Applications.

Scroll to the Ad Filtering section and check the Dating Ads and Mature Audiences Ads (17+) checkboxes.

This will get rid of unwanted ads in the vast majority of cases.

For other kinds of unwanted ads or mature ads that are not filtered out with the above strategy

If there are still ads you don’t want, you can report them and we can block them.

If you have a managed account, your AppLovin Account Manager can do this.

If you don’t, you can fill out a support request. Be sure to include:

  • Your account email
  • The Package ID of the Android app, the Bundle ID of the iOS app (or the numerical iTunes ID), or the URL of the website of the app or site you don’t want advertised in your apps

Ad Monitoring using Ad Review

You can also use Ad Review to set up flags to detect risky content running in your app and report problematic ads to network partners.