Apple Privacy Manifest Changes

In , Apple introduced a new framework called Privacy Manifests. Based on this requirement, apps and SDKs must include a Privacy Manifest file that defines collected data and that indicates an allowed reason for any Required Reason APIs the app or SDK uses.

Apple’s timeline for enforcing this policy is as follows:

Starting Fall 2023
Apple will notify developers via email if they upload an app to App Store Connect that uses a Required Reason API without describing the reason in its Privacy Manifest file.
From Spring 2024
Apps that do not describe their use of any Required Reason API in their privacy manifest file will not be accepted by App Store Connect.

To prepare for these developments, AppLovin will release a new SDK, version 12.0.0, in that will include the following updates:

AppLovin SDK iOS v12.0.0 Updates

Privacy Manifest

AppLovin SDK iOS v12.0.0 includes a Privacy Manifest file that defines the Required Reason APIs that AppLovin uses. You must include this file in your app when you submit your app to App Store Connect.

Mediation Debugger

The Mediation Debugger allows you to see the Required Reason APIs defined in the Privacy Manifest of each mediated SDK and the app itself. Below are screenshots that show AppLovin’s Privacy Manifest screens.

AppLovin > Privacy > Privacy Manifest > Accessed API Types > NSPrivacyAccessedAPICategoryUserDefaults

If certain APIs do not have an accurately declared reason associated with them in their SDK’s Privacy Manifest, they will be highlighted for your attention. Per Apple’s policy, every Required Reason API used by an app or SDK must have an associated reason in the Privacy Manifest by Spring 2024 in order for you to push updates to the App Store.

AppLovin is providing this new Mediation Debugger feature to assist you in your preparation of your Privacy Report for the App Store review process. It is the publishers’ and networks’ responsibility, respectively, to ensure compliance with Apple’s policies and review processes. For questions about the AppLovin SDK please reach out to our support team.