Why Can’t I Find My App?

AppLovin uses the Apple search API for iOS and a third-party API (42matters) for Android. The solution depends on the platform of the app you are promoting.


1. App not available in the U.S.

By default, we search for apps based on the U.S. AppStore. If your App is not available in the U.S., make sure to click the App not available in the US AppStore? button and select a country that the app is available in.

2. Wrong apps are showing up even though I’m using the exact name

Often when an app’s title uses words that are common in many other apps’ titles, the Apple API will return the wrong results. In this case, the solution is to search for the developer name instead.


1. App was recently launched in the store

With 42matters it can take up to 24 hours before the app shows up in their data set. Occasionally they will miss an app entirely. If your app has been in the store for more than a day and it is not showing up, please email approval@applovin.com and include the Play Store URL for your app.

2. My app consists of Unicode characters

Sometimes there are issues with searching for apps with non-ASCII characters. You can often resolve this by searching for the app’s package name instead. You can find this by looking at the “id=” parameter in the Play Store URL for the app