Why Doesn’t My Campaign Have any Installs?

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There are many reasons why a campaign may not be tracking. Assuming the campaign has been live for a few hours and has done at least 500 clicks, it’s safe to assume that install tracking isn’t working properly and you should start to debug.

You will debug differently depending on whether you are using the AppLovin SDK for tracking or are using a supported, third-party tracking company.

I am using the AppLovin SDK for tracking

Often there are tracking issues if the SDK is not being initialized at all, or if the SDK is getting initialized too late. Make sure that you initialize the SDK when the app is opened, for tracking to work accurately. Occasionally, if you are using a mediation company to show ads, they will selectively initialize SDKs. If this is happening with you, please email support@applovin.com for tips on how to force the initialization on launch.

I am using a supported, third-party tracking company

Here is a list of our supported, third-party tracking companies.

I can see installs in the tracking company’s dashboard, but I don’t see installs in the AppLovin dashboard.
We rely on the tracking company to notify us when an install happens. If you see installs from their dashboard, this indicates that postbacks are set up improperly or not set up at all. Please follow the guides on setting up install postbacks from the support articles for each tracking company listed about. If you have already set up the postback, double check that you are using the complete SDK key that you can find in Account > Keys in your AppLovin dashboard.
I do not see installs in the tracking company’s dashboard.
This indicates that there is an issue with the tracking URLs. Double-check that the tracking URLs are correct and that they redirect to the correct app in the store. Alternatively, the app may convert poorly in general. Please email adsupport@applovin.com if you have double-checked the tracking URLs and you are still not seeing installs.