Creating Ads in AppDiscovery

Creative sets allow you to easily create every type and size of ad in one batch upload. Creative sets should be the same concept.

To Create Ads:

  1. Select the campaign.
  2. Click the Ads tab.
  3. Select Create Ads.
  4. Give a Name to the creative set.
  5. Drag and drop Assets. The upload starts automatically.
  6. Select ad templates. Ad templates should auto populate with the assets you have available. To see required template assets see the Ad Specs Support Page.

To preview an ad, click on the magnifying glass when the template has all required assets in it.

Advanced Targeting

Language Targeting
Target localized ads for highest performance.
Country Targeting
Only use country targeting if language targeting doesn’t cover your use case.

Ad Guidelines

Ad Types
Video and playable ads are recommended in order to yield best results for your campaigns. Graphic ads are still good to include as incremental units to achieve more scale.
Creatives must have OS-specific badges (e.g. iTunes store badge only for iOS, and Google Play store badge only for Android) or no badges at all.
AppLovin does not allow depictions of: violence, drug use, or nudity. Ads must also have clear branding and CTAs (e.g. “Download Now”, “Play Now”).
Best Practices
Have at least 2–3 ad concepts. Refresh ads every 2–3 weeks. New ads must be uploaded in a new creative set.