Best Practices & Guidelines

Ad Rules

Failure to follow these rules will result in offending ads or creative sets being blocked. Serious or repeated violations can result in an account ban.

AppLovin does not allow:

  • Ads that contain illegal products or services, discriminatory practices, needless excessive violence and gore, adult/sexualized content, or third-party infringement.
  • Ads that contain misinformation or misleading claims.
  • Images or videos that are scaled to fit into creative requirements. For example, if you only have a landscape image, do not create a portrait image that is a scaled version of the landscape image.
  • Ads that resemble system alerts.

Ads must:

  • Have clear branding (App Icon, App Name, and/or recognizable branding).
  • Have clear “call to actions” (CTAs), e.g. “Download Now”, “Play Now”.

For more information, please see the AppLovin Policies for Demand Partners.

Primary Ad Specifications

Below are the creative asset specs required for each AppLovin ad template.

Click here for instructions on how to create ads in AppDiscovery.

Ad Type Playable Video Graphic
Endcards N/A Required: Portrait and landscape graphic interstitial or playable ad to complete a video ad. N/A N/A
Dimensions Responsive to varying screen sizes and support landscape & portrait orientations

Pixels must be square, Anamorphic videos may get rejected

  • 1024×768
  • 768×1024
Length N/A up to 30 seconds Animation loops <30s Animation loops <30s
File Type Single in-line HTML file MP4, MOV JPG, PNG, GIF JPG, PNG, GIF
Size <5MB <30MB <1MB <1MB
Format See AppLovin’s Playable Guidelines. If you have questions, contact your AppLovin representative. Videos are processed automatically by AppLovin. In rare cases where automatic video processing fails, see the guide for how to format videos for AppDiscovery. Clear branding and CTA Clear branding