Why Can’t I Select AppLovin as a Tracking Option?

AppLovin tracking is deprecated. Do not select AppLovin as your tracking option.

To select AppLovin as the tracking option, AppLovin requires two things:

  1. You must integrate the SDK into the app.
  2. AppLovin must have successfully scraped the app from the store (if the app shows a default iOS or Android app icon in the AppLovin dashboard, it indicates this is what is happening).

Often #2 won’t happen if you started integrating the SDK before the app was live in the store, or if the app was never live in the U.S. store. If this is happening to you, please email support@applovin.com. Provide your AppLovin account email and the app you are hoping to promote, mention that you cannot select AppLovin tracking, and request that AppLovin rescrape the app.