How to Set Up Kochava Tracking with AppLovin

Table of Contents

  1. Setting Up an Install Postback
  2. Setting Up View-Based Attribution
  3. URL Formats: Click URL Format & Impression URL Format
  4. Adding In-App Event Postbacks

1. Setting Up an Install Postback

Before you set up an AppLovin postback in Kochava, you must first create a partner configuration for AppLovin.

  1. Navigate to Postback Configuration > New Configuration.
  2. Enter “Applovin” under Network Configuration.
  3. When the corresponding configuration is selected, click Go.

To set up an install postback:

  1. Navigate to the Postbacks tab.
  2. Set Status to Active.
  3. Set DELIVERY METHOD to All.
  4. Enter your SDK KEY (obtained from the Keys section of the Account tab in the AppLovin dashboard).
  5. Enter the app’s BUNDLE ID/package name.
  6. If prompted for Advertiser ID, enter your favorite number.
  7. Set EVENT ID to “Install / Landing”.

2. Setting Up View-Based Attribution

To enable impression-based tracking:

    1. Navigate to the Reconciliation tab (in the same menu as Postback setup).
    2. Set the DEVICE LOOKBACK to 24 hours in the Impression Reconciliation section.

3. URL Formats

A. Click URL Format

You can generate a valid click URL in the Kochava dashboard.

If you have any errors, ensure that the URL includes:

All Platforms:

  • device_id={IDFA}
  • click_id={DID}
  • pbr=0 (and not “pbr=1”!)


  • network_id=80
  • device_id_type=idfa


  • network_id=42
  • device_id_type=adid

B. Impression URL Format

Once impression based tracking is enabled, you can generate the impression URL based on the click URL you are using.

To create an impression URL:

  1. Replace “” with “”.
  2. Append “&event=view” to the URL.
  3. Change pbr=0 to pbr=1.
  4. Change "click_id={DID}” to “impression_id={DID}”.

4. Adding An In-App Event Postback

AppLovin is able to attribute post-install events like app opens (for retention), purchases (for ROAS or CPA goals), or any other custom events.

To set this up in Kochava, follow steps 1–6 from the Install Postback instructions above. Instead of selecting Install/Landing on step 7, select:

  • Checkout for purchases
  • Install/Landing for app opens
  • General Post Install for other events