List of available tracking URL macros

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Note: AppLovin will be deprecating our External App ID for advertisers on May 1st, 2023. Here's the timeline:
  • On May 1st, 2023, we will stop populating the tracking URL macro {APP_ID} with the old ID, and instead will use the same value as populated by {PLACEMENT_ID}
  • On May 31st, 2023, we will remove the ability to use the old ID in many tools we offer (campaign Source search, campaign Bidding CSVs, App List API. etc.)
  • On July 31st, 2023, we will stop populating the value for app_id_external in our reporting API


Table of Available Tracking URL Macros

Name Macro Description
Device Identifier [REQUIRED] {IDFA}
Fire OS only: {HADID}

Apple IDFA or Google Advertising ID

Fire OS: lowercased then sha1-hashed Android ID

AppLovin Device ID [REQUIRED] {DID} AppLovin Internal ID
Application ID {APP_ID} hashed ID of the applications where ads are served. Deprecated, will populate with the same value as {PLACEMENT_ID} on May 1st, 2023
Placement ID {PLACEMENT_ID} encrypted ID of the applications where ads are served. Needed for API Source bidding
IP Address (IPv4) {IP} the user’s IP address (blank if user has IPv6)
IP Address {DEVICE_IP}

the user’s IP address

Will populate with IPv4 or IPv6, depending on which the user has.

Type of Device {DEVICE_TYPE} 'phone', 'tablet', or 'other', where 'other' is iPod
Device Model {DEVICE_MODEL} The model name of the user's device
Model Name {MODEL_NAME} The iOS model name of the user's device. This macro returns the same information as {DEVICE_MODEL} for Android.
Device Brand {DEVICE_BRAND} The brand of the user's device
OS Version {OS_VERSION} The OS Version of the user's device
Browser User Agent {USER_AGENT} The User Agent of the user's device
Locale {LOCALE} The primary local of the user's device
Type of Creative {AD_TYPE} 'graphic', 'video', or 'reward'
Size of Creative {AD_SIZE} 'inter', 'native', 'banner', 'mrec', or 'leader'
Name of Creative {AD_NAME} name of the ad in AppDiscovery
Ad ID {AD_ID} The internal ID of the Ad that served
Creative Set ID {CREATIVE_SET} Name of the Creative Set associated with the Ad that served
Name of Campaign {CAMPAIGN_NAME} name of the campaign in AppDiscovery
External Campaign ID {CAMPAIGN_ID} hashed campaign ID

This value won’t change when a campaign is renamed.

Country Code {CC} two-letter country code of the user who was shown an ad
City {CITY} Name of the city based on Geo-IP lookup. Blank if unknown
iTunes ID or Google Package Name {PACKAGE_NAME} iTunes ID or Google Package name of the app associated with the campaign
Event ID {EVENT_ID} A unique ID of the the ad request that resulted in this ad being shown. This ID will be the same value for clicks and impressions for the same ad response
SKA Campaign ID {SKA_CAMPAIGN_ID} The SKAdNetwork Campaign ID (1-100)
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