How to Increase Campaign Scale

Here are some best practices for increasing scale in your campaigns:


Competitive Pricing Model
Is the pricing model you selected competitive? Read the Bid Types & Best Practices section for more information and reach out to for guidance.
Competitive Bid
Is your bid competitive? Please reach out to for guidance.
Manual Bid Manager
AppLovin has a “CSV Bid Manager” tool that allows you to manually set bids on a per-sources basis. If you click on that it’ll let you download a CSV of the data you’re looking at, make bid changes, and then re-upload to change bids across the board. You can find it right beneath Edit Campaign Targeting.


Increase Budget on Capping Campaigns
Are your campaigns hitting their daily cap? Increase / open the daily budget to take advantage of more volume!


Ad Coverage
Do you have all necessary ad types? Read the Creatives section for guidance. The AppLovin network is primarily video-driven so having video ads is crucial to maximizing your reach in our inventory.
Ad Refresh
Are your ads getting stale? AppLovin recommends that you refresh creatives every two to three weeks.


Country Targeting
AppLovin has a lot of volume around the world. If you’re targeting non-English speaking countries, make sure you have translated ads for highest conversion rates!
Connection Speed Targeting
Is your app over 100MB? Wifi targeting will increase conversion rates and volume!


Tracking & Postbacks
Set up tracking before you go live! It will have a negative effect on all future campaigns if AppLovin’s system doesn’t receive conversions on impressions and clicks.
Incremental Campaigns
Building out incremental campaigns can help drive more volume!
Top Performing Ads
Have you identified some top volume/performance-driving ads? Break them out in an incremental campaign for more scale.
Run of World
Interested in exploring the rest of the world? Build an incremental campaign targeting all geos ex-current, you may find some new hot spots!

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to consult