How to improve campaign quality

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Here are some best practices for increasing quality in your campaigns:

  1. Performance Data: Are you passing post-install performance data (e.g. Sales, Revenue, Level X Complete, Registration, Signup, etc.) to AppLovin in order to view these and to optimize in the dashboard effectively? If you haven’t been, you can find instructions on how to pass performance data back to AppLovin in our Tracking section.
  2. Optimize—Manual Bid Manager: We have a “CSV Bid Manager” tool that allows you to manually set bids on a per-sources basis. If you click on that it will let you download a CSV of the data you’re looking at, make bid changes, and then re-upload to change bids across the board. You can find it right beneath Edit Campaign Targeting.
  3. Become a Publisher: We work with top brands and publishers around the world, serving ads at a massive and global scale to maximize your earnings! Sign up as a developer to get started!

We understand every offer is different and has different goals. Should you have any campaign-specific questions don’t hesitate to consult

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