Best Practices for Scaling User Acquisition Campaigns in AppDiscovery

Follow these best practices to successfully scale your user acquisition campaigns in AppDiscovery:


Ensure install tracking and postbacks are working properly:

  • Follow the setup instructions for your tracking partner.
  • Make sure to pass all installs and opens to AppLovin for accurate install attribution, suppression, and retention tracking.

Verify that tracking is properly set up before you take your campaign live. It will have a negative effect on all future campaigns if AppLovin’s system does not receive conversions on impressions and clicks.

  • Choose the most relevant campaign category for the app you are acquiring for.
  • When you are targeting multiple countries, it is most effective to consolidate geos within a single campaign. This leads to more efficient learning, which helps drive scale and makes optimizations easier. AppLovin supports individual bids, goals, and budgets by country if necessary.
  • If you are targeting non-English speaking countries, make sure you have translated ads, for highest conversion rates.
  • AppDiscovery has inventory from different ad types so try to get as many formats live as possible.
  • It’s imperative that you add video ads (in both orientations) for all campaigns, as video represents 80–90% of AppLovin’s inventory.
  • You may also auto-generate creative for unavailable ad types, however advertiser-produced ads are ideal for optimal performance.
  • Upload all ad types and creative under a single campaign as AppLovin’s system automatically optimizes delivery towards your best performing ads.
  • Start with the highest bid you are comfortable with. This gives your offer the best chance at success.
  • Keep an eye on campaign performance during the first few days after going live, and make bid adjustments if necessary to achieve your desired results.