Tips for Using Rewarded Videos More Effectively

A rewarded video gives something valuable to the viewer in return for the time the viewer watches the ad.

The best place to show a rewarded video in a game is where the user might need something extra, such as more coins, an additional life, a hint, etc.

However, because some users will make an in-app purchase for these extras, it might not always be optimal for your overall revenue to offer an advertisement.

You should test rewarded videos and observe which users and where in the app they engage in watching the video. This insight will help you determine optimal points in your app for offering rewarded video and who is engaging with them, which in turn can help you further optimize your video usage.

Some app companies report that adding rewarded video to your game actually boosts overall in-app purchases since this offers users a low cost way to see the value of the extras like power-ups, coins, etc.

Common Traits of Successful Rewarded Implementations

  • The reward is highlighted as part of the game tutorial or via a daily notification so users are aware of the placement.
  • The reward has high value to the user, which in turn maximizes engagement.
  • Placement is naturally frequency-capped to ensure the reward doesn’t become saturated (only offer one or two per day).


Period Boost
Increase player strength or other game benefit for a limited portion of time in exchange for watching a video.
Daily Bonus
“Watch video in exchange for daily bonus.”
Speed Up User Action
“Watch video to finalize building now.”