Why Am I Not Seeing Any Ads?

  • Updated

If you are not able to get ads from the AppLovin SDK, review these most common reasons:

  1. Most often, the problem is that advertiser demand may not be strong for your country/geo and app category so we don’t have ads available for you. If this is the issue, you can get ads by using Test Mode.
  2. Make sure your SDK key is correctly configured in your app’s AndroidManifest or Info.plist and matches the key in the dashboard exactly with no trailing spaces.
  3. The frequency cap you set for the app in the Manage Apps section has been set. To fix this, adjust the frequency cap.
  4. You are using rewarded videos and your phone ID (Apple IDFA or Google Advertising ID) is disabled or missing. Enable your device ID by disabling Opt out of interest based ads or Limit Ad Tracking. For Android: Make sure you’ve integrated the Google Play Services SDK.
  5. You are using an old OS version: Video ads are not supported on very old OS versions (iOS < 5.0 or Android < 4.0). In general advertising demand might be low on older OS versions. Try using an OS version that is less than two years old.

If you still cannot get any ads, open a support ticket at our Developer Support portal. Please enable verbose logs and send the full logs from the app start with details on the ad type you are trying to integrate and as much information as possible.