Party Track


  1. Setting Up an Install Postback
  2. URL Formats: Click URL Format & Impression URL Format
  3. Adding In-App Event Postbacks


1. Setting Up An Install Postback

You will need to obtain your SDK Key from the 'Keys' section of the Account tab in the AppLovin dashboard or from your AppLovin account manager.

(Postbacks are setup by the PartyTrack team)

2. URL Formats

A) Click URL Format

You can obtain your Click URL from PartyTrack team like below:{DID}&idfa={IDFA}

Be aware, you need to make sure clickid is {DID}, and not {did}.


B) Impression URL Format

You can easily generate the impression URL based on the click URL you are using.

All you need to do is append “&direct=1&redirection=0” to click URL.

Using the same example from above:{DID}&idfa={IDFA}&direct=1&redirection=0

3. Adding In-App Event Postbacks

AppLovin is able to attribute post install events like app opens (for retention), purchases (for ROAS or CPA goals), or any other custom events.

To add postback for in app events, obtain the SDK Key from  the 'Keys' section of the Account tab in the AppLovin dashboard or from a AppLovin account manager.

Then ask PartyTrack team to set up In-App Event.

Valid names include:

  • landing - for app opens
  • checkout - for purchases
  • postinstall - for custom events (i.e. Level5Complete)