Account Info

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Manage your account information in the Account > General section of the AppLovin Dashboard.

Basic Info includes information such as your name, email, company name, and domain. For Domain, add the developer website that you use in your app store listing, and where you host your app-ads.txt file. Inlude only the root domain, not the filename or page name (for example: Learn more about app-ads.txt at the app-ads.txt Information page in this documentation.

Password is where you can update the password for your account. Your password must contain letters and numbers. The minimum length is eight characters.


Important API keys for your MAX account are stored here. You can copy them when you need to. To access this page, go to Account > General > Keys in the AppLovin Dashboard.

  • You need the SDK Key during the initialization process to initialize the SDK.
  • Use the Report Key (or API Key) to authenticate the endpoint for all Reporting API connections.
  • You need the Management API Key to use the Ad Unit Management API. Request this from your account team.
  • Use the Event Key for the S2S Impression Revenue API.
  • You need the Ad Review Key to enable Ad Review within the SDK during the integration process.

Two-Step Verification

MAX protects your MAX account with two-step verification that you set up when you created your account. At login, MAX may prompt you to enter a security code that MAX texts to your mobile phone. To change the phone number that MAX uses for two-step verification, go to Account > General > 2-step Verification in your AppLovin Dashboard, click the Edit button and follow the prompts on the page.