Why Am I Not Seeing Any Ads?

Common troubleshooting issues

Low demand

  • If advertiser demand is not strong for your country/geo and app category, there may not be ads available for you.
  • If this is the issue, you can get ads by using Test Mode.

SDK key configuration is incorrect

  • If your SDK key is not correctly configured, this will lead to issues.
  • Make sure your SDK key is correctly configured in your app’s AndroidManifest or Info.plist and matches the key in the dashboard exactly with no trailing spaces.

The frequency cap is too aggressive

  • If the frequency cap you set for the app in the AppDiscovery > Manage > Applications section has been set too strictly, you will see few or no ads.
  • You can adjust the frequency cap settings to allow higher frequency so that more ads will serve.

Rewarded video issues

  • If you are using rewarded videos and your phone ID (Apple IDFA or Google Advertising ID) is disabled or missing, you won’t see ads.
  • To fix this, enable your device ID by disabling Opt out of interest based ads or Limit Ad Tracking.
  • If you are on Android, you should also make sure you’ve integrated the Google Play Services .

OS version is too old

  • If you are using an old OS version (iOS < 5.0 or Android < 4.0), video ads will not be supported, and overall advertising demand might be low.
  • Try using an OS version that is less than two years old.

Android apps — no ads show in any mode

If you are on an Android app and it will not show ads including in test mode, it’s likely that your Ad Filtering settings are causing issues.

You can usually correct this by going to AppDiscovery > Manage > Applications, then scrolling to the Ad Filtering section and checking whether you’ve selected the Please check this box if your application needs to comply with Google Play's Families policy box. If so, AppLovin won’t show you any ads. We’ll pass along MAX mediation network requests to other networks, but we won’t show you any ads ourselves. This is because we comply with all Google Play policies on Android.

Even if you don’t check this box, Google might still decide you’re an app focused on kids, and they’ll pass that information along to AppLovin. In that case, we won’t show AppLovin ads in your app. To check if you’re on the list of child-focused apps, you can pull up the Mediation Debugger (if you’re on Android SDK 11.10.0 or later) and it will tell you if you’re in the “Google Designed for Families” list or not.

If you have further questions about Google Play policies or a decision by Google Play regarding how your app is categorized, please contact Google directly.

Issues not covered on this page

If you have tried the above troubleshooting tips and still cannot get any ads, please open a support ticket at our Developer Support portal.

To ensure we have the information we need to properly analyze the issue, please enable verbose logs and send the full logs from the app start with details on the ad type you are trying to integrate and as much other relevant information as possible.